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    Serena Potter is known for her figurative narrative oil paintings. The paintings contrast the vibrant hues reminiscent of the golden age American Illustrators (such as Norman Rockwell and J.C. Lyendecker), with an often sardonic narrative, that place the subjects in childlike or unlikely scenarios. By pairing contemporary and vintage elements, the paintings speak to the transitory nature of time, and the relevance of early experience in shaping who we become. Certain imagery has begun to emerge and re-cycle through the work, eggs being one of them. They have come to represent those things that we as women nurture and protect, they are fragile but also embody a certain strength. Her work is largely personal, drawing on her own challenges and those of friends and family to evoke a response from the viewer. Her goal is to create art that will draw people in, and allow them to connect, to ask questions and ultimately, to find their own stories in the work.

  • Artillery Review November 2021

    Artillery Review November 2021
  • Serena Potter - Fables of Rhyme or Reason Solo Show 2021

    A 5 minute overview of solo show at Lois Lambert Gallery Sept - Nov. 7th 2021. Includes artist discussion of the themes of the show.

  • Art and Cake Review 2019

    Art and Cake Review 2019
  • Article By Didi Menendez December 2018

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  • Interview for CuraOC Podcast - July 2018

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  • Sp[a]ce Gallery Interview for the Movement Narrative Show 2018

    This interview is specifically about my painting The Egg Race, and more generally about movement and narrative in my work. The painting was in a group show at the Sp[a]ce Gallery, in the Ayzenberg Marketing Firm, in Pasadena, 2018.

  • Serena Potter - Residency, Long Beach Museum of Art

    Short video about my work and residency at the Long Beach Museum of Art, 2016

  • Guest on Modern Art Blitz Episode #18 2016

    On this episode of Modern art Blitz I discuss my work following a stint as artist in residence at Long Beach Museum of Art.

  • Ten Memorable Paintings from 2015

    Ten Memorable Paintings from 2015

    I am included in John Seed's end of year list of ten artists/paintings that are memorable from 2015. I was also included in Did Menendez's list of 50 Memorable Artists from 2015



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  • Figurative Artist's Website

    Figurative Artists Website http://www.figurativeartist.org/artists/artist-list/

    A directory of contemporary figurative artists with links to their websites. I am featured in a photo montage created by the director http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9sl-807Ia8&feature=youtu.be