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Pea, Tatau, original oil painting, Hawaii, long board, culture, female/male
Oil on Panel
24 x 30"

This painting is in a private collection.
This painting is a response to a treatment read for a friends documentary called by the same title. It is a response to male artists who all have ties to the islands, surf culture and love of the nature there. I have found the perfect behind for my tatau, that of a female. She is sporting what is typically a male tatau also called Pe'a. It has a long tradition of family heritage and lineage. Each time a wife is in labor another row is added. I designed my own Pe'a in this case, a combination of traditional and more contemporary designs. They were hand tapped into the skin, so by no means perfect (a bonus for me!). You also see the long board, a Tommy Bahamas shirt and island flower.